Your Food and You

The way we eat food has great impact on our lifestyle. People love eating food which is rich in fats and gluten; such foods are not good for your body. You should try avoiding such foods. The organic foods should be consumed. The GMO food should be completely avoided. Consuming them may lead to various diseases. If you want to live longer and happy than you should be eating food that is good for your health. Organic food has many advantages. The pesticides are not used in such foods. The food is hundred percent natural and free from any kind of artificial chemicals. The nutrients involved in such foods are much as compared to those involved in GMO foods.


Intensive Labour of Farmer

The farmers work hard in providing such organic food. They take care that no such pesticide, insecticide or fungicide is used in this food. The price of organic food is quite higher than that of the GMO food. The farmers take care of the animals and they see to it that much space is given to them so that they can move around. This way the animals will stay healthy. The organic meat has much nutritional value. As per the European study 2016 there are 50% more chances of having omega 3 fattyacids in certain animals and plants. Thesenutrients are needed for the development of the brain.

People should become more aware about their eating habits. Schools and various other organizations should run programs related to eating healthy food. This way everyone will become more aware about their food choices. The more you eat nutritious food, the more you will look healthy.The GMO food is really bad for your health. Many fertilizers and pesticides are used in such foods and they become toxic to human body. We should try avoiding such foods. Organic food should be consumedregularly. There are many benefits involved in eatingorganic food.


Governments Initiative towards good food

Those who love to drink juice should consume juice made from organic fruits. Nowadaysin market there are various companies that are using artificial sweetenersin variousjuices. To avoid such thing, you should see the organic food label on the juice and buy that juice. You should be very careful while making any food choice. The more you will protect yourself from GMO food, the more you will feel good about your health. Feeling healthy is very much important in this hustle and bustlelife. Avoiding your health will not be considered at all. Later you will regret for your health. To avoid such situation infuture, you should start eating organic food and make it a habit of consuming good food.

The government and other organizations are taking initiatives to spread the awareness amongst people regarding benefits of organicfood. This is really good initiative taken by government as it will help people in transforming their body and life. It is everyone’s responsibility to spread this awareness.

Hi there! There is no doubt that most of our consumption involves genetically modified organisms and these from its name are sounding a bit strange. Jokes apart, genuinely anything that has been processed is prone to disadvantages and cons

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