Hi there! There is no doubt that most of our consumption involves genetically modified organisms and these from its name are sounding a bit strange. Jokes apart, genuinely anything that has been processed is prone to disadvantages and cons in every matter. They can provide you with the stuff more easily or even in a readily available form but then you are not taking on the advantages and benefits of the actual food if the one you are taking is processed to any extent. These modified foods not only kill the benefits residing in the food but also provide us more reasons that explain the unhealthy side effects they leash on our body. I know, you cannot just get to know something one day and avoid it for the rest of your lives but still you can minimize to usage to lower the unhealthy results if you are given proper awareness.


Actually, I was looking up things related to food just after my college to teach myself a healthy way of cooking so that I will be able to maintain my weight accordingly. And believe me, in that period I read so many things and ways that our food is unhealthy or causing us problems that I can’t even write them all. For Instance, even if we take sugar then that is genuinely white poison for us; and we, we are taking sugar in every possible way we could. We are adding sugar as sweeteners in our drinks, we use a lot of sugar in our deserts, anything we buy from outside has a part of sugar in them. In other words, we are taking poison daily and now we literally cannot cut off all the sugar from our diet but we could only replace it with something healthier. This is just a one case but the fact that I have chosen GMO is that, it is not a single item and GMOs are present everywhere. GMOs are not only hurting humans, but they have bad side effects for our pets and other animals as well and secondly, GMOs have leashed dangerous impacts on our environment and atmosphere as well.

In this site, thus you are going to find information about GMO products and their harmful effects on human health, animal health and finally at our atmosphere. Secondly, readers will also be able to find stuff about the alternatives to GMO products; it means the places where you can find all natural food products that have no processed thing involved in them. Also, there will be a lot of discussion on the subject that deals with the advantages GMOs can give to the hungry world and their comparison with the dangerous effects followed by having GMO products. There will be a clear and distinct explanation of all the impacts of GMO products on our health that majorly include obesity, less requirements met for nutrients, contamination, increased use of herbicides, genetic engineering resulting dangerously, low yields, and so on. Thereby, keep on checking regularly to find more about GMO and their alternative natural replacements for your own benefit.