Healthy Food Habits That You Should Adopt

Food plays the integral part in human life. Some people are very ignorant about their eating habits. We should be very careful while choosing our food because in-market GMO labelled food is coming in great amount and the organic food is decreasing. The food habits should be very careful as it will directly have impact on our body. The food which we eat should be considered carefully and the GMO food should be clearly ignored. This will help us in healing our body from various diseases.

GMO food and Digestion


GMO means genetically modified organisms. The scientists are altering the original genes of plants and animals and replacing them with artificial genes. The food that is made from such plants and animals is very toxic and it is very difficult to digest such food. Consuming organic food has many advantages. You will feel fresh throughout your day and food will be easily digested. The amount of nutrients that you get from organic food will be much higher than the GMO food. It is always beneficial to consume the organic food because the amount of nutrients it has is incredible. You should always strive for fresh and organic fruits and veggies because they will help in making us more energetic and we will further feel happy.

Impact of Organic Food

The European study 2016 says that there are 50% more chances of omega-3 fatty acids present in certain organic foods and meat. The farmers take care of such animals and they give them time and space so that animals can move around.This will help animal to remain healthy and free from artificial genes. People should be more careful and aware about the variety of food that is coming into the market. Today’s market is full of the GMO labelled food and the organic food stock is decreasing gradually. There are many benefits involved in the organic food. The soil erosion is reduced and the soil fertility can be increased. The surrounding air does not get polluted. We can also conserve much water for our future use.Water is always beneficial to all living beings. Eat organic food because it can help the body to stay healthy and you will also feel relaxed and happy.


Role of Food Department

The food department should become very strict with the GMO labelled food because it will give bad impact to the health of the people and soceity. They should run campaigns and seminars. The programs should convey the message that organic food is very beneficial to everyone and GMO labelled food should not be consumed at all. The awareness of consuming organic food amongst people will have a great impact towards their lives. People will become much wise before consuming any food product. This will help in decreasing more and more diseases. People will take responsibility of their own health. The whole world will change and people will become more happy and relaxed with their food choices.

Hi there! There is no doubt that most of our consumption involves genetically modified organisms and these from its name are sounding a bit strange. Jokes apart, genuinely anything that has been processed is prone to disadvantages and cons

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